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Acoseni EarCare™ - Wax Cleaner

Acoseni EarCare™ - Wax Cleaner

Easily remove ear wax with this electric ear washer for clear and clean ears.
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  • 🫧Quick ear wax removal
  • 👩🏻‍🔬Safe for all ages
  • 🌟Easy to use
  • 💧Hygienic and Easy to Clean
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" This ear cleaner is a game-changer! It's so easy to use and really works. My ears feel so clean now. Highly recommend! "
Anthony K.
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Say Goodbye to Stubborn Earwax and Hello to Clear Hearing!🦻

Effortlessly remove built-up earwax in just 15 seconds with our advanced ear cleaning solution. Enjoy the convenience of safe, at-home ear cleaning anytime, without the need for expensive professional treatments. Experience comfortable and effective ear care designed to maintain optimal ear health.

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Never Endure Discomfort from Stubborn Earwax Build-Up Again!

Over 100 million people worldwide are affected by excess or impacted earwax. Harvard Medical School identifies it as the primary cause of conductive hearing loss.

Introducing the EarCare Wax Cleaner—a revolutionary solution for ear care. Experience clear, comfortable ears in minutes without costly treatments. Enjoy effortless ear hygiene with this safe, at-home cleaning tool.

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Guaranteed Safety & Efficacy

Our ear wax removal kit undergoes rigorous testing by highly qualified otolaryngologists and clinicians, ensuring it meets the highest standards of safety and effectiveness. Through comprehensive examination and evaluation, our product has been proven to deliver consistent and reliable results for all users.

With a strong focus on safety and efficacy, you can trust our ear wax removal kit to provide a superior ear cleaning experience, backed by professional testing and endorsement.

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How Does It Work?

The EarCare Wax Cleaner features advanced, FDA-cleared Ear Irrigation Micro-Suction Technology developed in the USA and tested by otolaryngologists and clinicians for 100% safety and effectiveness.

This system uses a 360-degree cleaning approach with a vortex-like effect to penetrate the ear canal, breaking down and removing stubborn earwax efficiently.

The device also provides a gentle "massage" sensation for enhanced comfort during at-home ear cleaning sessions.

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4 Unique Modes for Tailored 360-Degree Cleaning

The EarCare Wax Cleaner offers four distinct intensities—Soft, Normal, Strong, and Pulse—to cater to your ear's water pressure tolerance. This system effectively addresses both dry and wet earwax, providing a thorough and revitalizing cleaning experience.

Its innovative design features Dispersed Flushing Holes that ensure effortless earwax removal without risking damage to the delicate eardrum, even with stronger water flows.

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Water Temperature Detection

Experience precise water temperature detection with the built-in NTC sensor (Negative Temperature Coefficient sensor) in the EarCare Wax Cleaner. This advanced sensor ensures the water temperature is optimized for comfort and safety.

By maintaining an ideal temperature, the cleaner softens ear wax, increases blood flow, enhances efficacy, and provides a soothing sensation, ensuring an effective and worry-free ear cleaning routine.

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Luxurious Comfort with Premium Materials

Indulge in unparalleled comfort with the innovative design of the EarCare Wax Cleaner. Crafted with precision, its ergonomic build fits snugly in your hand, while the soft earmuffs made from food-grade TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) ensure a gentle and leak-free experience. Enjoy effective ear cleaning with utmost comfort, every time.

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Pain-Free & No Adverse Side Effects

Experience unparalleled comfort with our EarCare Wax Cleaner , featuring FDA-cleared Ear Irrigation Micro-Suction Technology. Developed and rigorously tested by otolaryngologists and clinicians, it guarantees safe and effective wax removal without discomfort or side effects.

This precision-engineered system ensures controlled and directed flushing action, minimizing any potential irritation to the delicate ear canal tissues.

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Why let ear wax affect your life? 🦻

Don't let ear wax stand in the way of your comfort and hearing. With the EarCare Wax Cleaner , you can easily maintain proper ear hygiene. Perfect for those who want an easy, at-home solution to keep their ears clean and healthy.

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Experience hassle-free ear cleaning! 💧

The EarCare Wax Cleaner uses gentle water jets to remove ear wax without causing any pain or discomfort. Just fill it with water, press a button, and let it do the work. Plus, it's designed for use by anyone, from kids to adults. Safe, effective, and simple.

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Easy to Clean and Maintain

Designed with your convenience in mind, the EarCare Wax Cleaner boasts an IPX7 waterproof rating and a washable design, making it safe for use in the shower or over the sink.

With the entire body being directly rinseable under a tap, maintaining hygiene has never been easier.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the EarCare Wax Cleaner safe for all users?

Yes, the EarCare Wax Cleaner is designed to be safe for all users when used according to the instructions. However, it's always advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before use, especially if you have any pre-existing ear conditions.

Can children use the EarCare Wax Cleaner?

Children can use the EarCare Wax Cleaner under adult supervision. It is recommended to consult with a healthcare professional to ensure it is suitable for a child's use.

How can I determine the most suitable mode for my ear wax removal?

The EarCare Wax Cleaner offers multiple modes to cater to different needs. Start with the lowest setting to see how your ears respond, and gradually increase the intensity if needed. Refer to the user manual for detailed guidance on choosing the right mode.

How do I clean the Ear Wax Removal Cleaner?

The Ear Wax Removal Cleaner is designed with an IPX7 waterproof rating and a washable design. You can rinse the entire body under a tap for easy cleaning. Ensure it is properly dried before storage. Follow the cleaning instructions in the user manual for best results.

Can I use the EarCare Wax Cleaner if I have ear injuries or infections?

It is not recommended to use the EarCare Wax Cleaner if you have ear injuries or infections. Consult with a healthcare professional before using any ear cleaning device in such cases to avoid potential complications.

  • David R.

    "I've tried many ear cleaning methods, but this is by far the best. It's gentle, effective, and safe. No more cotton swabs for me! 😊"

  • Paul N.

    "Was skeptical at first, but this actually works! Very easy to use and cleans all the wax out. Best part is it’s safe for my kids too. Takes the hassle out of ear cleaning. Kudos to the makers."

  • Michael X.

    "Amazing product! My ears have never felt this clean. It's really easy to use and totally pain-free. Love it!"

  • Anthony K.

    "Works like a charm! My whole family uses it. Best ear cleaner we've ever had."


Try the EarCare Wax Cleaner today and enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee!

Not satisfied? No worries! We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try the EarCare Wax Cleaner risk-free. Clean ears or your money back!

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